Annual Transaction Review 2021

Here you can see the annual solar and wind transaction report from Green Dealflow for 2021.  

This report´s data comes from the Green Dealflow´s Transaction Database, which is filled with all the transactions publicly announced during the year around the globe.   

This report contains six sections:   

  1. Overview of global deals and gross capacity transacted,  
  2. Comparative data between 2020 and 2021,  
  3. Top 20 countries by number of deals,  
  4. Top 25 sellers by number of deals and MW transacted,  
  5. Top 25 buyers by number of deals and MW transacted,  
  6. The lifecycle stage of MW transacted each month.   

You can get access to the report here.

Please use the form to download the free transaction review from Green Dealflow. 
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